• Ava

Bringing the album to life!

The creative process of putting the moments shared and the feelings felt, into the music.

So here we are approaching the end of September! Can you believe it! What a year we have had. What a journey we have been on. Through the ups and the downs and the learning to adapt and become more resilient, we are here.

I wanted to write a letter to each one of you reading this because the words of support and love that you have shown to me over the last few months has shaped me into the artist that I have always dreamed of being. The feeling of being truly myself and speaking and singing about topics and things that are important to me, is the most freeing feeling of all.

Your kindness has made a safe space for me to do that. I feel very lucky for the community that we have built online and through this music. I’m so glad I documented the writing of the songs, and performing them for the first time online, and the behind the scenes in the studio, because these are special moments that make this album what it is and I wanted you all to be as much a part of that process as we are.

It was like a breath of fresh air going back into studio after months of working from our homes. I have never been so thankful to once again feel that feeling you get in the studio. The slight feeling of nerves mixed with lots of excitement and the wonderful anticipation of how the songs will develop after singing them.

We have recently been recording the vocals for the album in Gavin Murphy’s studio. Before we started the recording we would rehearse through the songs live with just myself and Gavin to really get the feel for it. We filmed some of these performances, you may have seen some clips online and I will share more with you soon. Before each song I introduced it and gave the back story to it. What I really noticed was that every single song has a story that I can feel with every word that I sing. Each song captures a moment in my life that will now be kept in the time capsule that is the music of this album. I love that!

Someone asked me recently why are you doing this? I was taken off guard with the question. They said are you doing this album to be successful and make money? My answer would have nothing to do with the success or money but it really made me think. I wake up in the morning and I think about music, and the last thing going around and around in my mind before bed is music. I am making this album because it’s the most honest expression of who I am, what I stand for and my intentions for the world that we live in. I sing to heal and it heals me too. It is the purest form of emotion that I have ever experienced, so I want that in my life every day. To be able to sing my own songs is like winning the lottery. It lifts my body and mind to a new place where I feel most like me. It’s the greatest privilege to be able to make music, and something that I want to do for the rest of my life.

For many of the songs Gavin and I collaborated remotely, during the lockdown. This is something I never knew was possible. But we did it and I’m so proud of the music that has been made since April 2020.

Lots of you have asked me questions about the songs so I wanted to give you a little back story to some of these songs.